Ka-29 assault-transport helicopter, Kamov OKB (NATO "Helix-B")

General Information
Type Ka-29
Function Assault Transport
Year 1976
Crew 2
Powerplant (2)
Type TV3-117V
Power at 0m 2X2200hp
Size (parked)
Length 12.25m
Width 3.08m
Height 5.44m
Rotor diameter 15.9m
Disk area 198.5m2
Weights and loads
Empty 5520kg
Loaded 11000kg
Maximum 11500kg
With external winch 12600kg
Disc load (kg/m2) 63.5
Power load (kg/hp) 2.86
Maximum 280km/h
Cruising 235km/h
g-limits 2.3
Practical 460km
Combat (6 to 8 strike passes) 100km
Ferry 740km
Static 3700m
Dynamic 4300m
at 0m 15.5m/sec
Fuel 5000kg?
Winch load 300kg
Cargo (external) 4000kg
Cargo (inside) 2000kg
Weapon load 1850kg
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3
Seats 16
Gun Type ? 7.62mm
Position Nose
Ammo 1800
Gun Type 2*UPK-23-250 23mm
Position Stub-wing
Ammo 2*250
Bombs 2*ZB-500
"Sturm" anti-tank missile (AT-6) up to 8
S-5 50mm up to 128
S-8 80mm up to 80
Cost ~$1,500,000
Hovering over the carrier desk, from the Aviapanorama Photoarchive

Shipborne assault-transport helicopter Ka-29 project was started in 1973 to comply with VMF requirements. New machine had to serve for marines landing and fire support, personnel and cargo transportations.

The team lead by Deputy Chief Designer S.N.Fomin, leading designer G.M.Danilochkin and leading engineer of the test programme B.V.Barshevsky used Ka-27 shipborn helicopter as a basis for the project, and the first flight was performed on July 28, 1976 by test pilot E.I.Laryushin. The State acceptance trials were completed in May 1979. Series production started in 1984. Three years later new helicopter was spotted by NATO reconnaissaters abroad large landing ship "Ivan Rogov"

Photo by Maxim Volkonovsky

The (external) changes compared to the Ka-27 are visible mostly in the forward section of fuselage. It is widened, with changes to the nose profile including a five piece flat windscreen and bluntened nose. The Ka-29 also features a small radar thought to be for missile targeting, and an electro optical sensor under the nose, thought to be a combined TV/FLIR unit.

In transport configuration Ka-29 can carry 16 equipped troopers or 10 wounded including four stretchers (necessary medical supplies and equipment included). 2000kg cargo may be carried in the cabin, or 4000kg externally. In addition, 300kg winch may be installed. Cargo cabin is equipped by doors on the both sides of fuselage, similar to Mi-24. Landing gear allows safe landing on the ship even during stormy conditions. Inflatable pontoons are used for emergency landing on the water surface. Ka-29 may be converted to ether transport or combat configuration in field (ship) conditions.

Source: Venik's Aviation Page

Combat variant carries targeting equipment: anti-tank "Sturm-B", aviation sight ASP-17BK etc. Stub-wing carry 2 pylons each for guided anti-tank "Sturm" missiles, containers with unguided S-5 or S-8 rockets, universal gun containers UPK-23-250, bombs. To speed up weapons loading, helicopter is equipped with 500kg winch.

In ether configuration, navigator has a movable 7.62mm 4-barrel Gatling-type machinegun with 1800 rounds. It may be aimed in sector +0°-31° vertically and +28°-30° horizontally. In addition, fixed 2A42 30mm gun with 250 rounds and laser range finder (linked to ASP-17BK sight) may be installed.

Photo by Ken Duffey from The Duffey OKB

Crew cabin and propulsion system are armored. Fuel tanks are protected by synthetic foam and neutral gas filling system. Additional exhaust screening may be installed, as well as flares and optoelectronic jammers.

Ka-29 has an auxiliary engine used to start major powerplant. Engines allow operation in hot and humid conditions, continuous hovering. Helicopter is capable to climb even with one engine cut off.

Co-axial design provides Ka-29 with numerous advantages. Low vibration level considerably decreases targeting errors and the initial dispersal of ammunition. Comparison firing tests results for single-rotor Mi-24 and Ka-29 were performed. Both machines were equipped with identical sights, fixed guns and unguided rockets. Firing accuracy of the Ka-29 proved to be approximately twice as good. In 1987 G.M.Danilochkin was awarded the State Prize for his role in the development of the Ka-29's weapons system.

Photo (Kamov OAO Archive) from Russian Wings

Another advantage of co-axial helicopters is their symmetric handling. There is no speed restrictions on the "flat turns", allowing quick aiming in any direction on any flight speed.

Cockpit is equipped for effective day-and-night operations in any weather conditions. Autopilot allows all-weather pre-programmed approach and landing at chosen location, as well as automatic approach using radio-buoy. Communication system provides effective data link with base ship and other helicopters, command centers and troops. Ka-29 may also be used from land. In winter 2000 - 2001 it was used in Chechnya anti-insurgent operations as a reconnaissance and targeting platform with Ka-50 strike helicopters (combat trials of the latest).

Photo by Brian Lockett

For storage, rotor blades and stub-wings may be folded.

As of 2000, 59 helicopters were built. Manufacturer - Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise




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