Technical data
Type Ka-50
Function attack
Crew 1
Engines 2*1660kW Isotov TVZ-117VK
Speed 310km/h
Ceiling 4000m
Armament 1*g30mm
various external

Ka-50 "Black Shark", N.I.Kamov "Hokum"

All three shots (100k, 32k, 70k) from FTP server in Finland; Some seems to belong to photographer Michael Klaver (Flattop Page)

Attack helicopter, a single-seater with N.I.Kamov's familiar contra-rotating rotors. Existence of the Ka-50 was denied as late as 1990; but recently every attempt has made to sell it to foreign customers.

There are widely used nicknames: the nasty name of "Werewolf" and more 'romantic' "Black Shark". Both are often used to designate all the Ka-50 type, but actually belong to two helicopters demonstrated on International Airshows.

Ka-50 page and excellent Ka-50 Story by Vadim Krivosheyev 'Watson';
(58k) photo by Paul Nann shows Ka-50 close in flight at Moscow Aero-Cosmic Show 1995;

The Ka-50 is a good performer, but it is thought that the single-seat layout imposes a very high workload on the pilot. Recently Russian command considers joint operation of Ka-50 strike helicopters and command/aiming 'leaders' like Ka-52 two-seater and/or Ka-29 assault/transport.

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