Technical data
Function Fighter
Year 1917
Crew 1
Engines 1*100hp Monosaupape
Length 6.96m
Wingspan 7.25m
Wing area 25.3m2
Payload 175kg
Flight endurance 2.5h
Guns 1*mg

Kasyanenko-5, Kasyanenko

16k b/w drawing "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.207;

Experimental fighter biplane. The propeller (3-blade, first in Russia) was fitted at the extreme tail, behind the tail plane. It was driven by a long shaft by the engine, which was installed in the mid-fuselage (almost hidden). Machinegun was fitted in extreme nose right in front of the pilot, providing easy access for reload. Pilot's view was almost unrestricted.

Wing pitch could be changed in flight - popular feature of a time, despite giving little advantage.

Aircraft was built in workshops of Kiev Polytechnological Institute. During flight tests (late June 1917) tailskid was broken during landing, resulting in tailplane and propeller damage.

Here traces of aircraft are lost in turbulence of pre-revolution period.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.206;

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