KhAI-22A by KhAI ()

General Information
Type KhAI-22A
Function experimental
Year 1968
Crew 1
Type motorcycle
Power 38hp
Length ?m
Height ?m
Rotor diameter
Main 5.4m
Tail 1.1m
Main Rotor area 22.9m2
Weights and loads
Empty 90kg
Loaded 220kg
Rotor load 9.61kg/m2
Power load 5.85kg/hp
Maximum at 500m 100km/h
Cruising 70km/h
Practical ?km
Hovering 2000m
Fuel 40kg?
Cargo ?kg
74k b/w KhAI-22A at the Economic Achievements Exhibition
"Russian aircraft since 1940", p.506

The KhAI-22, completed in 1968 by the KhAI Student Design Bureau, is a single-seat tubular frame construction helicopter. It was designed as a cheap instructional helicopter. The pilot's seat is fixed to the main rotor support and transmission. Engine (from the motorcycle) is placed in front by the pilot's feet.

Light weight tricycle undercarriage is fitted. The main rotor is of two-blade parallel-chord type with counterbalances.

26k b/w drawing, from the Helicopter directory

KhAI-22A was presented at the Economic Achievements Exhibition in 1968, and year later small pre-production series were completed.

  • "Russian aircraft since 1940", p.505
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