Technical data
Type KhAI-6/SFR
Function photorecco
Year 1935
Crew 2
Engine 1*712hp
Wing Span 10.0m
Wing Area 14.0m2
Length 7.3m
Weight Maximum 1750kg
Speed High altitude: 429km/h
Armament none

KhAI-6/SFR, I.G.Neman and S.Ya.Zholtovskij

Drawing (12k) of KhAI-6 from 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;

After success of the KhAI-1, I.G.Neman received military order (or contract) to develop a high speed unarmed photo-reconnaissater SFR. Project included a lot of innovations - new design of fuel tanks, advanced wing mechanization, unique phototurret. Remotely controlled camera could make shots up to 50km away from the aircraft course using automatically opening doors.

Design was ready in January 1935. Documentation was transferred to TsOM KhAI, and construction started. Three airframes were built, one for static tests. Since the TsOM workshop was just established, assembly was plaqued with numerous delays. First flight was scheduled for September 1 but postponed until November 1, than March 1 of the next year...

Despite record speed, unarmed aircraft was found too vulnerable, and KhAI-6 did not enter mass production. Several innovations of KhAI-6 design were also used in KhAI-5/R-10, which was designed in parallel starting 1934.

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