Technical data
Type Khioni-5, Koniok-Gorbunok
Function Trainer, Utility
Year 1923
Crew 1-2
Engines 1*100hp Fiat
Length 7.8m
Wingspan 11.4/10.0m
Wing area 37.0m2
Empty weight 700kg
Loaded weight 975kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 26.3
Power load (kg/hp) 9.7
Speed at 0m 122km/h
Range 320km
Ceiling 3500m
1000m 9.8min
1000m 25.2min
3000m 42.0min

Khioni-5, Koniok-Gorbunok by V.N.Khioni

32k photo from Virtual Aircraft Museum

Light biplane trainer built in Odessa on Aircraft Repair Shops-7 (one of former Anatra factories). Stock of unused Anatra D parts was used. Unlike its predecessor, Khioni-5 had no handling problems and was very airworthy.

16k drawing "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.341;

Intended as a trainer, but at the time there were no shortages of such aircraft. Suddenly, it found service as a crop duster. Specially it was good fighting locust in Asian republics. Front cockpit was used to house dust tank, dispenser tubes under the fuselage. For years it remained the 'backbone' aircraft of farm aviation.

Produced on the GAZ-7 (former Lebedev factory) in Penza;

30 built, in service until 1928.

'Koniok-Gorbunok' is a little hunchback horse, hero of Russian folklore.

Anatra D

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  • Khioni 5 Koniok Gorbunok
  • "Konjok - Gorbunok" at Virtual Aircraft Museum

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