Model (28k) of KOMTA triplane from Central Hall of Aviation and Kosmonautics Illustrations Page (English version)

Fall 1919 - KOMTA was created under chairmanship of N.E.Zhukovsky. A.A.Arhangelsky and B.N.Yuriev were co-chairmen. Same (or similar) structure appeared in April 1919 in Lipetsk, where the DVK squadron was located. The later one finished project of heavy aircraft in March 1920.

KOMTA story also started in Sarapul (but still within DVK) as attempt to build replacement for the "Ilya Mourometz". In 1920 both groups joined together, resulting in heavy triplane project (with biplane tail plane - what a flying box!).

Winter 1920 - project is ready; Construction started January 1, 1921 in Sarapul, later moved to Aviarabotnik factory in Moscow. By other sources - assembly started in Lipetsk (Spring 1921);

Fall 1921 - assembled aircraft delivered to Moscow. Until mid 1922 time was spent to tune engines and choose propellers.

March-May 1922 - high-speed taxi tests started with some minor crashes (tail skid was broken); The center of mass was shifted forward by moving engines 1m forward - no serious improvement.

First flights took place as late as Winter/Fall 1923, continued in 1924 (pilot A.I.Tomashevskij on controls). Performance was disappointing. After additional Wind Tunnel tests (at TsAGI) aircraft was qualified as hopeless. By other sources, during March 1924 aircraft performed, but tests were cancelled due to extremely worn engines. At the time A.N.Tupolev team gained positions in heavy aviation, and KOMTA project was cancelled. Aircraft transferred to Serpukhov school StrelBom.

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