Technical data
Type Kor.SVVP-70
Function SAR, ASW, reconnaissance
Year 1968
Crew 2
Engines propulsion 2*1500kg AI-25
lift 4*2900kg RD-36-35F
Length 14.7m
Wingspan 13.0m
floats retracted
Loaded weight 11600kg
Maximum speed 650km/h
Maximum Range 2400km
Operational Range 900km
Seats 10-12
Cargo 1000kg
Armament (optional)
Guns defensive
Bombs 1000kg
Rockets ?

Kor.SVVP-70 VTOL floatplane by I.A.Berlin and V.A.Korchagin (R.L.Bartini KB)

52k b/w drawing, courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov

Project for high speed VTOL ship-borne floatplane Kor. SVVP-70 was presented in Summer 1968. Despite aircraft was never built (as many of R.L.Bartini projects), the unique concept and layout deserves to be mentioned.

As a VTOL aircraft, Kor.SVVP-70 does not require large flight desks and/or special takeoff/landing facilities. Basic helicopter desk is perfectly sufficient, while speed and range far exceed helicopter capabilities.

41k b/w artist impression, courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov

Variety of tasks may be fulfilled in interest of fleet or individual ship in range up to 800km:

Airdynamically Kor.SVVP-70 is a tailed lift body (or flying wing of low aspect ratio) with straight outer wing panels, carrying ailerons and flaps. During storage outer wing panels are folded backwards.

28k b/w artist impression, courtesy of Andrew I. Salnikov

Four lift RD-36-35F engines are arranged in pairs in front and rear parts of aircraft body and create 11.6tons of thrust. Propulsion AI-25 also assist on takeoff/landing by exhaust vectoring (applied close to the aircraft center of gravity).

Large chord of the wing (body?) allows to accommodate retractable floats. Upper part of floats is inflatable to save space in the retracted position. Floats serve also as a landing 'skis' when operate from the ship desk or land base. If necessary, they may be replaced by conventional landing gear.

Central internal bay (about 5mx2mx1.5m) may be used for custom equipment like SAR equipment, ASW beau, bombs, missiles. In transport configuration central bay may be re-equipped to carry 10-12 people or 1ton of payload.

Side-by-side cockpit may be easily re-equipped with twin controls set for training purposes.

  • Exclusive from Andrew I. Salnikov, Beriev TANTK;
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