General Information
Type "Kvant"
Function Aerobatic
Year 1977
Crew 1
Powerplant (1)
Type AI-14P
Power 360hp
Size (m)
Length 5.7
Height 2.4
Wingspan 7.5
Wing area (m2) 8.56
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 676
Loaded 920
Wing Load (kg/m2) 107.5
Power load (kg/hp) 2.56
Speed (km/h)
Maximum 380
Stall 110
Landing ?
Turn time sec
g-Limits -7+9
Roll (m [sec])
Takeoff 150
Landing ?
Range (km)
Practical ?
Flight Endurance hmin
Ceiling (m)
Practical ?
Climb (m/sec)
at 0m 16
Payload (kg)
Fuel ?

"Kvant" by MAI

75k b/w quot;Kvant" (mockup?) at the Economic Achievement Exhibition (1967??)
"Russian aircraft since 1940", p.497

"Kvant" (Quantum) advanced aerobatic trainer was designed at OSKBES MAI. It was a sophisticated aircraft, and its creation coincided with establishment of new experimental workshops and design bureau facilities.

Pilot climbing into the canopy of second "Kvant"

A single-seat low wing cantilever monoplane, the "Kvant" taildragger has retractable landing gear. Fan-cooled radial engine drives variable-pitch propeller. Among novelties implemented on this airplane was a system of direct lift control system. It seems that "Kvant" layout is strongly influenced by last Soviet piston engine fighter La-11.

First "Kvant", OSKBES MAI webpage

Two built "Kvant"s passed through complete ground and flight trials program. During trials, five official FAI World records were established. It was the first aircraft not built at major industrial plant to perform maiden flight at LII.

The second "Kvant" from Krylia Rodiny

According to [1], in October 1967 "Kvant" appeared at the People's Education Pavilion at the Economic Achievement Exhibition (VDNKh, Moscow). There was a suggestion that the DOSAAF might sponsor "Kvant"s participation in the 1970 World Aerobatic Championships (Hullavington, England), but the Soviet Union was represented instead by Yak-18PM and Yak-18PM winning the event.

Large gap between the first aircraft presentation (1967) at the VDNKh and its first flight (according to MAI information, 1977) is obvious. Plus, aircraft presented at the Exhibition differs from ones at trials not only by the painting scheme, but also by canopy and landing gear cover details. I wonder if the early one is just a mockup?

? Aviatika-MAI-900
  • "Russian aircraft since 1940", p.497
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