Technical data
Type La-150
Function Experimental Fighter
Year 1946
Crew 1
Engines 1*900kg RD-10
Length 9.42m
Wingspan 8.20m
Wing area 12.15m2
Empty weight 2059kg
Loaded weight 2961kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 244
Speed at 0m 800+?km/h
Speed at 5000m 850km/h
Range 500km
Ceiling 12500m
Guns 2*cannons 23mm NS-23

La-150 (Type 3) by S.A.Lavochkin

12k picture from The Jet Genesis

The first jet fighter of the S.A.Lavochkin bureau. The La-150 had a straight shoulder wing. The engine intake was in the nose, the engine outlet ended after the wing, below thin tail, to reduce thrust losses. Pilot was almost mounted on the engine.

Flight tests of the experimental La-150 and pre-production La-150M took place almost simultaneously in September 1946. First flight was performed by A.A.Popov. Tests continued until April 1947 by I.E.Fedorov, M.L.Gallai, N.I.Zvonarev and A.G.Kochetkov.

Small batch of La-150's was built, five of them were prepared for military parades November 7 1946 (cancelled due to bad weather) and May 1, 1947. It also was demonstrated later on Red Square parades and Tushino airshow (August 3, 1947).

General performance was satisfactory. High speed vibrations, too rear center of gravity, Pilot's cabin was too tight and fuel capacity was very small - only 553kg. TTKh (see bold numbers in the table) were not achieved, aircraft was not suitable for mass production yet.

More than five built.

La-150 drawing from The Jet Genesis, used to make a background.
Gu-VRD? La-150M La-152

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