Technical data
Type La-156
Function Experimental Fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 1*1350kg RD-10F
Length 9.12m
Wingspan 8.52m
Wing area 13.32m2
Empty weight 2398kg
Loaded weight 3521kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 264
Speed at 0m 845km/h
Speed at 2000m 905km/h
Flight endurance 0.9h
Range 660km
Ceiling 10700m
5000m 4.0min
Guns 2*cannons 23mm NS-23

La-156 (Type 5) by S.A.Lavochkin

12k picture from The Jet Genesis

Rebuilt La-152 to accommodate more powerful version of RD-10F with afterburning thrust 1350kg. Fuel capacity was increased, as well as wing and tail surfaces. Intended as a front line fighter.

First tests (pilots S.F.Mashkovskij and I.E.Fedorov) took place in February-March 1947. State trials in the NII VVS during September 5, 1947 - January 31, 1948. La-156 speed exceeded 900km/h. But it was also obvious that straight wing stays on the way of faster aircraft.

"History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p 348

S.A.Lavochkin already was working on swept-wing La-160. At the same time the La-174TK became the last attempt to improve straight-wing design by employing very thin wing airfoil.



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