Technical data
Type La-160
Function Fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 1*900/1350kg RD-10F
Length 10.06m
Wingspan 8.95m
Wing area 15.9m2
Empty weight 2738kg
Loaded weight 4060kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 255
Power load (kg/hp) 0.333
Speed at 5700m 1050km/h
Range 500km
Guns 2*37mm cannons N-37

La-160 'Strelka' (Type 6) by S.A.Lavochkin

12k b/w photo from Lavochkin aircraft at WWW.AVIATION.RU

The first Soviet swept-wing fighter, development of the La-152. Thin wing with 35° leading edge had same installation as on the La-152, tailplane was slightly raised. On the design stage extensive wind tunnel studies were performed at TsAGI.

Flight trials in June-September 1947 provided designers with reliable data on stability and handling of swept-wing aircraft. Necessity of upper-wing fences at subsonic and supersonic speed was revealed. Such fences were installed, two on each wing.

La-160 carried much more fuel (1080l) than predecessors and pair of powerful cannons. Its engine could gain extra 50% of thrust using improved afterburner (by I.A.Merkulov) on same RD-10F engine. But aircraft was still too small to have sufficient range and carry large weapon load. All possible was taken from the engine design, and the La-160 became the last Soviet fighter to be powered with engine of the RD-10 line.

Same La-160 at "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.350


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