Technical data
Type La-168
Function Fighter
Year 1948
Crew 1
Engines 1*2270kg R.R. Nene
Length 9.50m
Wingspan 10.56m
Wing area 18.08m2
Empty weight 2973kg
Loaded weight 4412kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 244
Speed at 0m 1000km/h
Speed at 2750m 1084km/h
Landing Roll 500m
Takeoff Roll 500m
Range 1275km
Flight Endurance 2H 12min
Practical Ceiling 14570m
5000m 2.0min
Armament 2*23mm cannons NS-23
1*37mm cannon N-37

La-168 (Type 15) S.A.Lavochkin

24k picture from The Jet Genesis

The La-168 had an high-set, swept wing. In contrast with the La-150, 152, 154, 156, 160, 174TK series, the engine was behind the pilot, with an exhaust nozzle at the extreme tail. It was designed around the newly-acquired R.R. Nene engine.

It was intended as a front line fighter. Fuel capacity was increased to 1230l inside plus 610l, allowing to stay airborne for 2h12min. Combination of two 23mm and one 37mm cannons became a standard for whole generation of Soviet jet fighters.

First flight (I.E.Fedorov) took place on April 22, 1948. Trials continued until February 19, 1949. La-168 reached speed M=0.982. Trial of powerful armament at high altitude (15000m) ended in almost fatal accident. Salvo of all three cannons caused collapse of the canopy, and pilot (V.I.Khomiakov) was blackened out by decompression. La-160 fell in free dive, but at 4000m and speed almost reaching M=1.0 pilot recovered and managed to pull the aircraft into horizontal flight and land safely.

Lost to the competing MiG-15 (?).

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