Technical data
Type La-250
Function fighter
Year 1956
Crew 2
Engines 2*9000kg Lyulka AL-7F
Wingspan 13.90m
Length 25.60m
Wing Area 80.00m2
Empty Weight 15000kg
Maximum Weight 26000kg
Speed 2000km/h
Ceiling 18000m
Range ?
Armament ?

La-250, S.A.Lavochkin "Anaconda"

Monino AF Museum, photos by Paul Nann (left, 33k) from his Monino Collection
Photo (16k) of Anaconda by Ken Duffey (1993) see more at Monino AF Museum Page by A.Gretchihine;

Delta winged long-range all-weather interceptor. It was an enormous aircraft (but lost competition with yet 'more enormous' Tu-28), designed to fly long-range missions at high altitude, armed with two large missiles.

Photo by Viacheslav Timofeev (right b/w 26k) from Krylia Rodiny 12,1991;

Nicknamed 'Anaconda' for long narrow fuselage and tough handling. After the first aircraft crashed (poor visibility from the cockpit caused premature ground touch during landing), noses on three remaining planes were lowered by 6°.

Four built.

  • La-250A, new designation for same 3 planes with improved flight control system, 1957;

  • B/W shot (21k) from Krylia Rodiny 12,1991, photo by Viacheslav Timofeev;

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