Technical data
Type La-7
Function fighter
Year 1943
Crew 1
Engines 1*1850hp Shvetsov ASh-82FN
Wing Span 9.80m
Length 8.60m
Wing Area 17.50m2
Empty Weight 2638kg
Maximum Weight 3400kg
Speed 680km/h
Climb to 5000m 4.5min
Ceiling 9500m
Range 990km
Guns 3*g20mm
Bombs 200kg

La-7 by S.A.Lavochkin 'Fin'

50k from Ned Avejic Photo Page; This aircraft belongs to Monino AF Museum exposition;

Development of the La-5FN, incorporating changes recommended by the TsAGI to reduce drag. The La-7 had excellent performance and handling.

With arrival of La-5FN's and La-7 to the front line units era of Bf-109 domination on the east front was over - now and up to the end of the war 'Messer' was outgunned, slower and more vulnerable than "Lavochkin" powered by air-cooled engine.

Photo (44 k) from TOTAVIA collection, managed by Adrian Cybriwsky;

Fokke-Wulf's FW-190 and its latest modifications, such as Ta-152(C,D,H) had advantage in speed... above 4000m where it hardly could find any use on the East front. Indeed, most air activity there took place below 5000m, often almost near the ground (escorting Il-2 and strifing ground troops). And record speed of those German fighters could be sustained only for limited time. On low altitudes it was not a big thread for more agile (just check wing load for La-5, La-7, Yak-3).

Its standard of equipment remained quite austere (by Western standards). Soviet fighters were involved mostly in low altitude, short and medium range missions. So high tech navigation equipment was not a top priority above simplicity and reliability.

5753 built.

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