Technical data
Type La-9
Function fighter
Year 1946
Crew 1
Engines 1*1850hp/1350kW Shvetsov ASh-82FN
Wingspan 9.80m
Length 8.62m
Wing Area 17.72m2
Empty Weight 2660kg
Maximum Weight 3676kg
Speed 690km/h
Ceiling 11130m
Range 1735km
Armament 4*g23mm

La-9 / La-130, S.A.Lavochkin

The La-9 (alias La-130) was a development of the La-126. It looked similar to the La-7, but it had an entirely new all-metal construction. The big problem of the La-9 series was the continuing unavailability of new, more powerful engines, and it never reached its full potential.

Only 16 produced, because improved La-11 was ready.

See also La-9/11 History;

Version with pulse jets : La-138;

Later production modification: La-11 ;

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