Technical data
Type LaG-5
Function fighter
Year 1942
Crew 1
Engines 1*1330hp Shvetsov M-82
Length 8.70m
Wingspan 9.8m
Wing area 17.62m2
Empty weight -
Loaded weight 3303kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 187.6
Power load (kg/hp) 2.48
Speed (0m) 479km/h
Speed (6500m) 554km/h
Landing Speed 145km/h
Turn time 25sec
Climb (5000m) 5.4min
Ceiling 9500m
Range 655km
Armament 2*g20mm

LaG-5, V.P.Gorbunov

This was Gorbunov's attempt at re-engining the LaGG-3 with the ASh-82 engine. (There were large stocks of this engine, hence the choice of the trio for it.) The LaG-5 was accepted, and entered production. It was as sturdy as its predecessor, but had improved flight characteristics and less vulnerable due to air-cooled engine.

Actually it was nothing but LaGG-3 fitted with nose section of the Su-2 light bomber of late series (powered by ASh-82).

Despite improvement of aircraft performance was substantial, production was phased out soon because the La-5 was superior.

Controversy on the WEB

Information WINGS OF VALOR SERIES states that famous Soviet ace Ivan Kozhedub (know at the West as Ivan the Terrible) flew his first mission on the LaG-5 on March 26, 1943. He became an ace flying this aircraft until early May 1944, when he received new La-5FN.

According to Alexej Doubinski, I.N.Kozhedub never flew LaG-5. He started on the La-5 and scored most of his victories flying La-7.

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