Technical data
Type LaGG-1
Function fighter
Year 1940
Crew 1
Engines 1*1100hp M-105P
Wing Span 9.80m
Length 8.81m
Height 4.40m
Wing Area 17.50m2
Empty Weight 2968kg
Maximum Weight 3380kg
Speed 600km/h
Ceiling 9600m
Range 660km
Armament 1*g20mm

LaGG-1 / I-22, S.A.Lavochkin, V.P.Gorbunov and M.I.Goudkov

Monoplane fighter, a small aircraft designed around the M-105 engine. The LaGG-1 was built from plastic-impregnated wood. The carefully-built, well-polished prototype had, after some modifications, a relatively good performance; the heavier, poorly-built production aircraft had bad performance and dangerous flying characteristics.

Designation of improved version : LaGG-3

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