Technical data
Type M-101T, 'Gzhel'
Function General
Year 1995
Crew 1...2
Type M-601F (Czech built)
Power 760hp
Fuel consumption 85 to 90kg/h
Length 9.98m
Height 3.72m
Wingspan 13.0m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight 1820kg
Loaded weight 3000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 3.95
Speed (km/h)
Cruise 360 to 450
Landing ?
Landing Roll 300m
Takeoff Roll 340m
Range (km)
Max. load 800
Ferry 2500
Ceiling (m)
Cruise 7600
Fuel 450kg
Cabin size LxWxH 4.56x 1.26x 1.31 m3
Seats 7
Commercial load 540kg
Base price 1.2...1.4 mln.USD

M-101T 'Gzhel', Myasischev EMZ

30k and 40k photos by Eugeni Dvurechenskij, MACS'97 exhibition

Light multipurpose 7-seat pressurized cabin aircraft turboprop made its maiden flight on March 31, 1995. During trials, one of experimental planes performed emergency belly-landing. This crash (unintentionally) allowed to close several positions of certification program, related to safety and structural strength. Repairs were used to introduce several construction changes.

The Sokol Aviation Plant in Nizhny Novgorod has produced the first three aircraft at the moment of MAKS'97. It was certified by the end of 1997.

All-metal construction (aluminum alloys), retractable tricycle landing gear. Low pressure tires allow to operate "Gzhel" from 500-600m unpaved runways easy to build in any town. To shorten landing run, M-101T is equipped with reversible propeller. The package of modern navigation and avionics equipment permits all-weather day/night operation.

VIP cabin layout

M-101T Gzhel Light multipurpose high-speed aircraft is an absolutely new version in business class aircraft market. Great range and high flying speed, pressurized cabin, convenient seats and air conditioning system ensure passenger comfort and promote conversion of light aircraft into a "mini-airliner" for business flight to remote territories of Russia. "Gzhel" aircraft may be supplied in different versions:

  • trainer;
  • light cargo;
  • ambulance;
  • patrol/assault;
  • business/administration (4 seats);
  • aerial photography;
  • geophysics activities;
  • special purposes;
  • Currently local companies started to use M-101T as a light short-route cargo delivery aircraft.

    Nelly M-70 M-101T
    basic turboprop
    piston engine
    Italian diesel

    Another 'Gzhel' photo from Paris-97.

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