Technical data
Type M-102 'Duet-Saras'
Function Passenger, Business
Year ?
Crew ?
Engines 2*1500hp TVD-20M 'Mars'
or Pratt&Whitney PT6A-67
Length ?m
Wingspan ?m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight ?kg
?Loaded weight ?kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) ?
Speed at 0m ?km/h
Speed at m ?km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Landing Roll ?m ?sec
Takeoff Roll ?m ?sec
Range ?km
Flight Endurance ?h?min
Ceiling ?m
1000m ?min
Fuel ?kg
Seats 14
Cargo ?kg

M-102 'Duet-Saras', A.Bruk Myasichev KB

M-102 'Duet' mockup at MAKS-97, courtesy of Serge Lazukov;

Twin-pusher turboprop passenger aircraft, joint project with the National Aerospace Laboratory of India. It is designed for short-range hot (up to 45° and high (up to 2000m) operations, and may be powered by Pratt&Whitney PT6A-67 engines for export or Mars TVD-20M for use in the CIS.

Expected market is ~300 of the aircraft in India, at a unit cost of US$3.5-4 million.

Project passed through severe financial problems in 1995-1997.

The Smolensk Aviation Plant JSC has produced an airplane mockup, presented here.


  • Airfax February 01, 1996
  • MAKS-97 report

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