Technical data
Type M-17RM
Function reconnaissance
Year 1988
Crew 1
Engines 2*93.2kN PS-30V12
Wing Span 37.46m
Length 22.87m
Wing Area 131.6m2
Empty Weight 14000kg
Maximum Weight 23800kg
Ceiling 20000m
Range 4965km
PayLoad 1500kg

M-55 / M-17RM, V.M.Myasichev 'Mystic'

In-flight photo (16k) by Ken Duffey taken at Khodynka Museum, found at Khodynka Images Page maintained by A.Gretchihine;

M-55 is a factory designation for the twin-engined version of the M-17, known as M-17RM to the military.

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