Technical data
Type M-200
Function UTS
Year ?
Crew 2
Engine AI-25TL
Thrust 2*1720kg
Length 10.37m
Height 4.20m
Wingspan 9.40m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight 3805kg
Loaded weight 4700kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Max. Speed at 0m 850km/h
Cruise Speed 700km/h
Takeoff Speed 180km/h
Landing Speed 155km/h
Landing Roll 480m
Takeoff Roll 200m
G-limits +8/-3
Ferry Range 2200km
Operational Range 1400km
Ceiling 13100m
5000m ?min
Fuel 1380kg
Guns ?
Bombs ?
Rockets ?

M-200 UTS by Myasichev EMZ

Project of combat/trainer (UTS) twin-jet aircraft. Mid-wing conventional layout aircraft with trapezoidal wing of moderate sweep angle and aspect ratio. Depending on the training goal, programmable flight control system may be set to imitate behaviour of various civil and military aircraft in multitude of situations (flight regimes, failures etc). Active safety system is designed for this plane.

Variety of domestic (V.Ya.Klimov 35M) and foreign engines (1500...2000kg thrust each) may be fitted.

In combat situation M-200 may be modified to combat low-flying low-visibility targets like reconnaissance drones, cruise missiles or special strike aircraft.

As it is common today in Russia, project is not financed by The State.

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