Technical data
Type M-4 'Bison-A'
Function bomber
Year 1955
Crew 6
Engines 4*8700kg Mikulin AM-3D
Speed 900km
Ceiling 13000m
Range 11000km
Guns 10*g23mm
Bombs 10000kg

M-4 / Mya-4 / 2M, V.M.Myasichev 'Bison'

(29k) M-4-3MD(?) at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann;

Four-engined, swept-wing jet bomber. The engines were buried in the wing roots. An unusual feature for such a large aircraft was the bicycle landing gear, with small stabilizing wheels at the tips of the drooping wings, and a nosewheel leg which was extended at take-off to achieve the correct angle of incidence.

It is said that A.N.Tupolev selected turboprop engines for the Tu-95 intercontinental bomber because it was known that the range requirement could not be fulfilled with jet engines. V.M.Myasichev had the bad luck to prove this. The M-4 was short on range.

Production was limited and the aircraft were used as patrol aircraft and tankers, once the ICBM's replaced bombers as delivery vehicle for nukes.

Military designation - 2M

3M; M-201 - ?; VM-T, Heavy back-load transport. Used for Buran/Energia program.

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