M-55 (A, B, V variants), V.M.Myasichev

60k schematic of M-55V from Real Supersonics

Technical data
Type M-55A M-55B M-55V
Function Supersonic airliner projects
Year 1959
Engines 2*14000kg VK-15 turbojets 4*14000kg VK-15 turbojets 6*14000kg VK-15 turbojets
Loaded weight ?kg ?kg 250000kg
Cruise Speed Mach 2.5 to 3.25
Landing Speed ?km/h
Range 12000km
Seats 40 85 120

In 1959 V.M.Myasichev OKB started project of a supersonic M-56, strategic bomber with cruise speed Mach=2.5 to 3.25. Designers also proposed civil variants with different number of engines and passenger capacity.

Success of rocket weapons resulted in cut of numerous aircraft programs. One of the victims that fell under 'rocket attack' was V.M.Myasichev OKB (disbanded in 1960) and all their projects.


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