Technical data
Type MBR-2bis
Function reconnaissater
Year 1936
Crew 3
Engines 1*750/830hp M-34B (M-34BN)
Length 13.5m
Height 5.42m
Wingspan 19.0m
Wing area 55m2
Empty weight 2718kg
Loaded weight 4000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 72.7
Power load (kg/hp) 5.33
Speed at 0m 235km/h
Speed at 5000m 245km/h
Landing Speed 100km/h
Landing Roll 16sec
Takeoff Roll 38sec 500m
Range 800km
Flight Endurance 4h
Ceiling 7150m
1000m 5min
2000m 10min
3000m 13min
4000m 16.5min
5000m 20.5min
Fuel+oil 540+40kg
Guns 2*7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 400kg external

TsKB MS-1, MBR-2bis series, G.M.Beriev

34k b/w TsKB MS-1 amphibian, the first aircraft of MBR-2bis series. "Illustrated Encyclopedia of the TANTK G.M.Beriev aircraft" Vol.1 p.19;

In 1936 MBR-2 was modified to accommodate 800hp M-34B engine with 2-blade propeller. New aerodynamically improved metal tail was installed, as well as new rear gunner's enclosed turret (SUMBR-2). Pilot's cockpit also became enclosed.

36k (SUMBR-2 turret, "Sowieckie lotnictwo MORSKIE 1941-1945", p14

First prototype, designated TsKB MS-1 differed from (most) series aircraft by its amphibious landing gear and non-standard rear turret. Series MBR-2bis was built in both flying boat and amphibian variants. In winter it could be installed on skis to operate from the ice and snow.

Some series MBR-2bis had M-34NB engine with air compressor (Nagnetatel). Those aircraft had improved ceiling (plus 300m), but were heavier by 155kg and slower by 23km/h. MBR-2bis (M-34NB) also differed by improved radio equipment and carried two photo cameras instead of one.

41k series MBR-2bis, "Sowieckie lotnictwo MORSKIE 1941-1945", p3

In 1941 one MBR-2bis (amphibious variant) was equipped as a Headquarter aircraft. it had four windows on each side and two cabins equipped similar to the passenger variant. One was occupied by High Brass, another - by deputies and/or security guards. This aircraft served with Baltic Fleet Command through all War without an accident.

Approximately 900 built.


MBR-2 M-17


MBR-2bisVU MBR-2bis M-103 MBR-2bis M-34FN

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