Technical data
Type MBR-5
Function Maritime reconnaissater
Year 1935
Crew 3?
Engines 1*712hp Wright-Cyclone SGR-1820-F-3
Length 11.2m
Wingspan 15.4m
Wing area 32.5m2
Empty weight 2060kg
Loaded weight 3100kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 95.5
Power load (kg/hp) 4.4
Speed at 0m 256km/h
Speed at 1800m 306km/h
Landing Speed 110km/h
Range 750km
Ceiling 7500m
3000m 8.0min
5000m 18.0min
Guns 2mg*7.62mm DA
Bombs 4*50kg FAB-50

MBR-5 by P.D.Samsonov

28k b/w drawing, courtesy of Sergey Andreev

Close range maritime reconnaissater, similar to successful MBR-2 aircraft. The general layout was unchanged, while size and weight were decreased approximately by 50%. Radial engine with tractor propeller was installed.

Construction - mixed. Wooden hull covered with fabric. Wing spars - wielded steel tubes, skin - fabric. Retractable main landing gear and tail skid allowed MBR-5 to operate from both shore and sea. Two machineguns were installed in covered turrets, bombs under the wing also covered with fairings.

Aircraft was ready in August 1935. Performance was very good, but factory trials were plaqued with series of minor troubles (fire, failures). During flight to Sevastopol for state acceptance, the only aircraft was crash-landed. MBR-5 was restored in September 1936, but project was cancelled.



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