Technical data
Type MDR-2
Year 1931
Crew 3-4?
Engines 2*500/680hp BMW-VI
Length 17.03m
Wingspan 23.7m
Wing area 84.0m2
Empty weight 4560kg
Loaded weight 6920kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 82.4
Power load (kg/hp) 6.90
Speed at 0m 203km/h
Speed at 3000m 166km/h
Landing Speed 115km/h
Landing Roll 15sec
Takeoff Roll 29sec
Turn time 34sec
Range 1062km
Flight Endurance 5h
Ceiling 3350m
1000m 7.0min
2000m 16.0min
3000m 35.0min
Guns 4*7.62mm DA on two turrets
Bombs 2*250kg and 4*100kg

ANT-8, MDR-2, MRT-1, MER by A.N.Tupolev

32k b/w photo from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.380

Long-range maritime reconnaissater, all-metal high-wing flying boat with two engines, installed on tall struts. Pusher propellers were better protected from damage by waves. Large underwing floats carried some fraction of the aircraft weight while in water. Wings and tail were identical to those on ANT-9, so the ANT-9 may be considered a predecessor of the ANT-8.

Order on this aircraft with technical requirements was send to A.N.Tupolev in 1925, but he was busy with other more pressing projects. As a result, aircraft mock-up was finished and approved only on 26 July 1930. Aircraft was ready on December 1, and in January 1931 sent for trials.

Factory trials (January 31, 1931) were fulfilled in 3hours47min of flight time, and MDR-2 was presented for the State Acceptance tests (pilot S.T.Rybalchuk, February 15 - March 17, 1931). NII UVVS requested to enlarge the rudder and the floats. Rebuilt MDR-2 was returned to trials on October 8, and was flown until November 14 by pilots M.M.Gromov, B.L.Bukhgolts, N.G.Kastanaev. This time it was tested with increased payload (2360kg, 34.2% of 6290kg takeoff weight).

Seaworthiness was very good. MDR-2 could taxi, takeoff and land easily on high waves. At the same time takeoff and landing speeds were found higher than desired, and aircraft was not so 'forgiving' in handling. This placed additional stress to the pilot.

State Trials started February 15, 1932 (October 8, 1931?).

The conclusion was that MDR-2 fulfills all up-to-date requirements and is comparable to Dornier 'Wal' (in Soviet service since 1927), but has little perspective for development. It was found unnecessary to produce an aircraft that is to became obsolete in one or two years. Discussion of civil modification resulted in nothing, mostly because A.N.Tupolev since 1929 was working on ANT-11 four engined twin-hulled flying boat.

Fuselage design was an experimental one, with unusually strong 'skeleton'. As a result the weight of the hull was 1.5...2.0 times heavier than one of similar contemporary boats.


ANT-7 R-6


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