Technical data
Type Mi-14PL 'Haze-A'
Function ASW
Year 1978
Crew ?
Engines 2*1640kW Isotov TV-3-117
Rotor Span 21.20m
Length 25.3m
Height ?
Disc Area 356m2
Empty Weight 9000kg
Maximum Weight 14000kg
Speed 230km/h
Ceiling 3500m
Range 1135km
Load 3000kg

Mi-14, M.L.Mil 'Haze'

Mi-14P amphibian (60k) by Ken Duffey, Moscow Aero-Kosmic Show 1995, as appears at Russian Aviation Page maintained by A.Gretchihine;

Shore-based, navalized version of the Mi-8 'Hip' with a float bottom and ASW equipment.

There are also SAR and mine-sweeping versions.

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