Technical data
Type Mi-24
Function attack
Year 1968
Crew 2
Engines 2*2200hp Isotov TV-3-117
Rotor Span 17.30m
Length 21.5m
Height 3.90m
Disc Area 235m2
Empty Weight 8200k g
Maximum Weight 12000kg
Speed 322km/h
Ceiling 4570m
Armament 1*g23mm or 1*mg12.7mm;
1275kg externally

Mi-24, M.L.Mil 'Hind'

Great Mi-24P photo (380k!) from FTP server in Finland;

The Mi-24 is an assault helicopter, carrying a large weapons load, but also capable of transporting up to eight troops.

Its size may have been a consequence of the selection of the Mi-8's propulsion system, and may be disadvantageous in combat. Compensation comes from high speed (it is still one of the fastest assault helicopters in the world) and fighter-like agility, provided by powerful engines and rotor design. Its cabin provides room not only for eight servicemen, but also for extra ammunition and fuel. Though it may be re-loaded by crew (or by 'passengers') in the very vicinity of combat field without returning to base.

It saw extensive service in Afghanistan and has also been exported to many countries.

Numerous modifications affect mostly armament and electronic equipment.

Production modifications Following developments



A-10 'Hind-B'
Record setter

Mi-24A 'Hind-A/C'

Mi-24D 'Hind-D'


Mi-24P 'Hind-F'





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