Technical data
Type Mi-24 'Hind-A'
Function attack
Year 1970
Crew 3
Engines 2*2200hp Isotov TV-3-117
Rotor Span 17.30m
Length 21.5m
Height 3.90m
Disc Area 235m2
Empty Weight 8200k g
Maximum Weight 12000kg
Speed 322km/h
Ceiling 4570m
Seats 8
Payload (weapons) 1275kg
Guns 1*g12.7mm in the nose (covering 60° arch)
Rockets 4*UV-32-57 unguided rocket pods
4*Phalanga (AT-2 'Swatter') radio-guided anti-tank

Mi-24A, M.L.Mil 'Hind-A/C'

Mi-24A at Monino AF Museum, photo by Paul Nann Collection;

The first production version of the Mi-24. During 5 years of production about 200 were built, differed from the prototype by 12° anhedral stub-wings added to improve lateral stability. Wingtips were used to accommodate four 'Phalanga' (Phalanx) anti-tank missiles, two on each side.

The operation of these helicopters, including combat missions, contributed greatly to their further development, upgrading and reliability improvement. Among other revealed problem was restricted pilot view in the 3-seat cockpit (gunner/operator in front, pilot and co-pilot behind him side-by-side).

Pilots and maintenance personnel were trained, both in-country and abroad.

Subtype without nose gun is designated 'Hind-C'

PredecessorsFollowing developments
A-10 'Hind-B'
Record setter

Mi-24D 'Hind-D'

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