Technical data
Type Mi-24P 'Hind-F'
Function attack
Year 1976
Crew 3
Engines 2*2200hp Isotov TV-3-117
Rotor Span 17.30m
Length 21.5m
Height 3.90m
Disc Area 235m2
Empty Weight 8200k g
Maximum Weight 12000kg
Speed 322km/h
Ceiling 4570m
Seats 8
Payload (weapons) 1275kg
Guns 1*g30mm fixed 2-barrel gun in the nose
Rockets 4*S-8/S-13/S-24 unguided rocket pods
4*Shturm-S radio-guided anti-tank

Mi-24P, M.L.Mil 'Hind-F'

Mi-24P from Vadim Krivosheev 'Watson' Military Collection;

During Afghan War military insisted on arming Mi-24 with heavier barrel artillery. At the time there were no movable turret for such a powerful cannon, so two-barrel fixed GSh-30K cannon was installed on the right side of the fuselage. Despite less flexible aiming (whole aircraft has to be aimed!), this modification was highly praised by flying crews.

The export version is designated Mi-35P.

At present new 'Ataka' anti-tank complex comes to replace 'Sturm' guided missiles.

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