Technical data
Type Mi-24VP 'Hind-?'
Function attack
Year 19?
Crew 3
Engines 2*2200hp Isotov TV-3-117
Rotor Span 17.30m
Length 21.5m
Height 3.90m
Disc Area 235m2
Empty Weight 8200k g
Maximum Weight 12000kg
Speed 322km/h
Ceiling 4570m
Seats 8
Payload (weapons) 1275kg
Guns 1*g12.7mm in the nose (covering 60° arc)
Rockets 4*S-8/13/24 unguided rocket pods
4*Shturm-S radio-guided anti-tank

Mi-24VP, M.L.Mil 'Hind-?'

Latest modification of the Mi-24 family. USPU-24 moving gun was replaced by 2-barrel 23mm GSh-23L movable mount. But the key modification is elimination of the 57mm unguided rockets (S-5) and introducing of new generation S-8, S-13 and S-25 missiles.

At present new 'Ataka' anti-tank complex comes to replace 'Sturm' guided missiles.

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