Technical data
Type Mi-28
Function attack
Crew 2
Engines 2*2200hp Isotov TV-3-117VM
Speed 300km/h
Ceiling 5800m

Mi-28, M.L.Mil 'Havoc'

Mi-28N ('Nochnoj', for Night Operations) (55k) by Alexej Gretchihine's Dad, taken at Moscow Aero Show - 1995;
(164k) From European Airshows Collection by Herve Champain;

A two-seat attack helicopter, smaller than the Mi-24 and better optimized for the anti-tank role. The Mi-28 has two heavily armored cockpits, a remarkable nose full with electronic equipment, and a narrow-X tail rotor. The competing Ka-50 seems to have been selected by the Russian forces.

Recent situation - Mi-28 is going to be manufactured, but as an advanced complement for Ka-50 : night operation, mission leader etc., where role of operator became more crucial.

(25k) Mi-28 hovering, by Paul Nann

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