Technical data
Type Mi-34
Function Light multirole helicopter
Year 1986
Crew 2
Engines 1*325/370hp M-14V-26V
Rotor diameter 10.0m
Length 8.7m
Length with rotor 11.4m
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight ?kg
Cruise Speed 175km/h
Maximum Speed 210km/h
Maximum Range 450km
Operational Range 360km
Range with maximum load 180km
Cruise Ceiling 4500m
Hover Ceiling 1500m
Rate at 0m 7.4m/sec
Fuel ?kg
Seats 2
Cargo 240kg

Mi-34 'Hermit' by Mil

22k Mi-34 at MAKS'97 airshow, S.Lazukov Web Site...

The Soviet Union displayed its new Mil Mi-34 training and aerobatic competition helicopter at Air/Space America '88. Although previously not intended for international sale, strong world interest has changed Soviet minds.

As a result, multirole light helicopter Mi-34S was developed for international and internal markets. It can carry 3 passengers or 240kg of payload. It may be used as:

Mi-34S has extensively glazed cockpit and retains aerobatic capabilities of original Mi-34. It is the only civil helicopter in the world capable to 3g maneuvering, performing rolls and loops, allows autorotation landing with engine off. Mi-34S is equipped with the 'Black Box' flight recorder.

Mi-34 helicopters may be delivered to dislocation are by heavy transport aircraft and be ready for operation in 15-20min.

In 1993 the Mil MVZ together with several other related enterprises created joint venture 'Light helicopters Mi', directed to build, service and train pilots for Mil light helicopters.

- Mi-34V - with two VAZ-430 220hp engines Mi-34S
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