Technical data
Type Mi-6
Function transport
Year 1957
Crew 5
Engines 2*5500hp Soloviev D-25V
Rotor Span 35m
Length 41.74m
Height 9.86m
Disc Area 962.11m2
Empty Weight 27240kg
Maximum Weight 42500kg
Speed 300km/h
Ceiling 4500m
Range 650km
PayLoad 12000kg

Mi-6, M.L.Mil 'Hook'

Firefighter version
Transport version
As seen at Monino Air Force Museum Page. When you browse the Page - you see the Page. When you go to the Museum - you see the Aircraft.

The Mi-6 is a big, powerful transport helicopter. Getting this large vehicle in the air was no easy task; the Mi-6 has an enormous gearbox, heavier than its engines, and often uses short wings to unload the rotor in cruise. It was not only for a long time the largest helicopter, it was also the fastest.

Modifications :
  • Mi-10 crane helicopter;
  • Mi-22 'Hook-C' - airborne command post;
  • Mi-26 'Halo' - straightforward transport extension. The world's largest transport helicopter;

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