Type MiG-110N MiG-110NP MiG-110M
Function Passenger Para- military Multi-role transport
Year 1995?
Crew 2 (+stewardess)
Engines 2*1300hp TVD-1500 2*2500hp TV7-117SV
Takeoff weight
(concrete airstrip)
Takeoff weight
(unpaved airstrip)
Maximum Cruise Speed ?km/h ?km/h 670km/h
Optimal Cruise Speed ?km/h ?km/h 530km/h
Landing Speed 185km/h
Takeoff Roll 400m 400m 150m
Takeoff Roll with 5000kg concrete 600m
Takeoff Roll with 3500kg unpaved 470m
Range (max cruise speed) ?km ?km 800km
Range (optimal speed) 2700km
Range (maximum load) 1550km
Range (maximum fuel) 4050km
Flight Endurance ?h 6h ?h
Fuel, normal 2000kg ?kg ?kg
Fuel, maximum 3500kg ?kg ?kg
Seats 35 ? 14...19
Cargo weight ?kg ?kg 5000kg
Cargo volume 7.4x2.76x2.2m3

MiG-110 (M, N, NP variants) by Slobodskij (MiG KB)

58k MiG-110 scale model, courtesy of Andre Matter

Light multi-purpose aircraft with twin tailbooms, powered with two turboprop engines. MiG-110N is an all-weather transport aircraft with TVD-1500 (957kWt or 1300hp each), capable to carry 3500kg cargo (up to 4 ZAK-1 containers, cars or bulk loads) and.

Detachable screen, folding luggage shelves and folding treble and double seats allow to convert it into commuter for up to 14 (19?) passengers. Lavatory, luggage compartment and stewardess room provide necessary comfort for passengers.

In 'plain' passenger configuration it can carry 35 passengers.

Airfield requirements: runway of 6kg/cm²

Paramilitary version MiG-110NP with same engines carries 360° surveilence radar, an infrared line-scanner, FLIR system. Flight endurance - 6 hours. Roles - patrol, cargo.

MiG-110M differs by clipped wings, more powerful TV7-117 engines (1840kWt or 2500hp each). It also is equipped with an auxiliary power unit to assist in cargo loading/unloading. As well as its siblings, MiG-110M is all-weather STOL aircraft. In addition to minimal runway demands, it may be equipped by skis or floats.

48k drawing from "Flieger Revue" Vol.1 1999, courtesy of Andre Matter

With minimal changes MiG-110M may be used as:

Airframe is designed to withstand 25,000hours of service life.

At December 6, 1999 Director General of MAPO Nikolai Nikitin announced on the press-conference in Moscow that Austria selected MiG-110 as a basic model for rebuilding Austrian aircraft industry. According to Nikitin, Bank of Austria is ready to finance the aircraft production. Program is also supported by Austrian Government and business circles. Moscow Government also plans to invest into MiG-110 production. Austrian and Russian (Moscow) production lines will be established in parallel, as established by the proposal.

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