Technical data
Type MiG-15
Function fighter
Year 1948
Crew 1
Engines 1*2270kg VK-1 (RD-45F??)
Wing Span 10.08m
Length 10.86m
Height 3.70m
Wing Area 20.60m2
Empty Weight 3681kg
Maximum Weight 6045kg
Cruise Speed 840km/h
Maximum Speed 1070km/h
Ceiling 15000m
Range 800km
1420km with underwing tanks
Armament 1*g37mm

MiG-15 ('Fagot', 'Falcon', 'Midget') by A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich

MiG-15 (21k) from Ned Avejic Collection;

The MiG-15 was an unpleasant surprise to the West when it appeared over Korea. Its performance was superior to that of any Western fighter, despite some shortcomings in handling, equipment and armament. On other hand, cannons could be rearmed by one person in some 15 minutes. Blast of 3 cannons was much more destructive than one of any opposing aircraft.

Aircraft is not critical to the airfield quality. It was so easy to get out of spin, that pilots used spin as a standard maneuver to get out of unpleasant situation. I read interview with Korean War Veteran (Soviet pilot) who had guts do down 3 Sabres while in spin - they followed him and were unaware to be caught into gun sight... (article was in 'Krylia Rodiny' magazine).

The engine was a license built copy of the Rolls-Royce Nene.

The MiG-15 is the most built jet fighter, with over 18000 produced. Albania, Cuba and Romania still operate single-seat fighter;

Modifications :
  • MiG-15bis-ISh (Istrebitel' - Shturmovik, Fighter-Attacker) (34k) from Collection by Paul Nann;
  • SP-1 - all-weather version;
  • SU - ground-attack derivative;
  • MiG-15UTI (33k) trainer from Collection by Paul Nann; 2-seat trainers are in service with about 20 countries.

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