Technical data
Type MiG-17 MiG-17F
Function fighter
1950/ 52 1951/ 53
Crew 1
Engines 1*VK-1 1*3380kg VK-1F
Wing Span 9.63m
Length 11.26m
Height 3.80m
Wing Area 22.60m2
Weight Empty 3798kg
Loaded 5202kg
Empty 3930kg
loaded 5340kg
Maximum 6075kg
Speed 1114km/h 1145km/h
Climb 45m/sec 65m/sec
Ceiling ? 15100m
Range 2150km
(external tanks)
(external tanks)
Armament 1*g37mm
bombs/rockets(u.g.) 500kg

MiG-17F, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fresco-C'

Shenyang J-5 owned by Doug Shultz (38k)
(from Ned Avejic collection);

This was a thoroughly redesigned MiG-15. Original MiG-17 had same engine (VK-1) as a MiG-15 series, but most produced MiG-17F had an improved afterburning VK-1F as wall as variable nozzle.

Production was also undertaken in Poland (LIM-5), China (Jian-5) and Czechoslovakia. The aircraft is used by at least 25 countries (Soviet-built or Chinese J-5 fighters, JT-5 trainers).

Shenyang J-5 owned by Doug Shultz (35k)
(from Ned Avejic collection);

During Vietnam war MiG-17 were used by North Vietnam AF against USAF aircraft. Despite outdated, it was preferred by some Vietnamese aces (Col. Tomb) for its agility and powerful cannons. Indeed it was MiG-17's guns that turned down 'missile only' fighters development in both USSR and USA (see a letter from Dave Sutton, private MiG owner).

  • I-330;
  • SI;
  • SF;

  • Modifications:
  • MiG-17P - limited all-weather version with the Izumrud fixed-scan radar and 37mm cannon replaced with third 23mm one. VK-1 engine.
  • MiG-17PF - all-weather version with the Izumrud RP-5 radar and 3*g23mm VK-1F engine.
  • MiG-17PFU - all-weather version with deleted guns and four K-5 (ARS-212) beam-riding underwing missiles. 1953
  • I-340/SM-1 with 2 AM-5 engines;

  • I-350 (M-1, M-2, MT)
  • I-360/SM-2;
  • SP-2 - another all-weather version with more powerful radar;
  • SR-2 - experimental tactical recco version with new engine;
  • SN - experimental attack version;

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    F-105 and its victim (20k)... somewhat outdated MiG-17's were widely used by determined, but often purely trained North Vietnam pilots.
    from the top (30k), gun camera poor quality.
    (10k) again as a target !.
    (37k) in rest at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann

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