MiG-21F-13 (E-6V, Type 74, NATO Fishbed-C) by Mikoyan and Gurevich

General Information
Type MiG-21F-13
Function Fighter - Interceptor
Year 1959
Crew 1
Powerplant (1)
Type R-11F-300
Takeoff thrust 3900kg
With a/b 5750kg
Size (m)
Length 15.76
Height 4.10
Wingspan 7.15
Wing area 22.95m2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty 4980
Empty with ext. tank 5200
Maximum Takeoff 8625 (with 2 bombs)
Wing Load (kg/m2) 376
0.93 (avg. combat)
Speed (km/h)
Maximum at sea level 1100
Maximum at 12500m 2125
Stall 350
Takeoff 322
Landing 265
Turn rate
Sustained 11°/sec
Run (m)
Takeoff 795
Landing 1250
With drag chute 900
Range (km)
Practical 1300 (1400?)
With ext. tank 1580 (1670?)
Endurance 1h37min
With ext.tank 1h56min
Ceiling (m)
Service 19000
Climb rate (m/sec)
at 0m 130
Climb to altitude (with 2 K-13 missiles)
10000m 3min12sec
19000m 13min30sec
Payload (kg)
Fuel (internal) 2470l
Fuel (external) 480l
Gun Type NR-30
Position Fuselage right side
Ammo 60 (3)
Salvo (kg/sec) 410
Bombs 2x500kg
Rockets 2xK-13 (R-3S)
NURS UB-32-57U (S-5)

E-6V prototype of the MiG-21F-13, demonstrating broad chord tail fin

Improved MiG-21F. Number '13' came from the K-13 (AA-2 Atoll) air-to-air missiles, installed on this aircraft for the first time. Package of new equipment included modified optical sight ASP-5ND and range finder SRD-5ND "Kvant". Infrared sight SIV-52 also is mentioned by some sources.

Other construction changes included broader chord tail fin and increased internal fuel capacity. Seven bladder-type tanks are located in the fuselage, 4 in the wings (175 and 110l). Ejection seat guaranteed safe escape for pilot at altitude over 110m and airspeed below 1100km/h. As on other early MiG-21s, the canopy opened forward. In case of ejection, the canopy is 'grabbed' by the seat and used to protect the pilot from the incoming air flow.

Finnish Air Force MiG-21F-13 (tail), from this large gallery

Movable air intake cone allows to optimize air flow to the engine depending on the speed and attack angle. Additional air intakes on the rear fuselage provide extra air for engine cooling. Engine exhaust cross-section changes automatically if the afterburner is used.

Type 74 of Indian AF

Gun ammo bay on series MiG-21F-13 allowed to carry 75 rounds, but 60 was a normal load. Early single-gun MiG-21s could take only 30 rounds. The gun was cocked pneumatically.

Spin trials were performed by O.V.Goudkov

MiG-21F-13 was in series production in 1960-62 at Factory N° 21 (Gorkij) (606 aircraft) and in 1962-65 "Znamia Truda" (Moscow). Soviet-built aircraft were in service with airforces of the Soviet, Poland, East Germany and Finland. License built in China (as J-7), Czechoslovakia (194 aircraft) and India.

Polish AF MiG-21F-13 and its engine (lost source)
Picture used for the background, lost WEB source
PredecessorsModifications (*)


MiG-21U trainer J-7 (China)
(*)There were several secondary production designations like MiG-21F-13 series 40, reflecting some very specific modifications.
  • OKB MiG a history af the design bureau and its aircraft, pp.85, 166-173
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