Technical data
Type MiG-23MF 'Flogger-B'
Function fighter
Year 1969
Crew 1
Engines 1*12500kg Tumanski R-35-300
(or R-29?)
Wing Span 14.25m/8.17m
Length 16.80m
Height 4.35m
Wing Area 28m2
Empty Weight ?
Maximum Weight 17,800kg
Speed 2445km/h
Ceiling 18600m
Range 2250km
Armament 1*g23mm
guided AA missiles
unguided rocket missiles

MiG-23 ('Flogger') by A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich

This one (41k) was found at Sergei Podshivalov's page;

A compact fighter with variable sweep wings. The MiG-23 combined good performance with rough-field operation. First Soviet mass-produced fighter equipped with Doppler-Pulse radar, providing look down - shoot down capability. Originally developed as a front line fighter fifth strike capability, but later more specialized interceptor versions MiG-23P/MLD appeared, as well as ground attack MiG-23B version, developed later into a MiG-27 "Ducknose".

(42k) from lost WWW source

There was a bizzare story when MiG-23 pilot was ejected on takeoff (by mistake he indicated an engine failure), and abandoned fighter crossed the Europe from Poland to Holland. Then it run out of fuel and crashed into small house killing one person... There was a photo in Soviet newspapers, where destroyed house is shown with MiG's tail on top of it. So, fly MiG's, folks! You'll get far. And high, sure.

The world most built fighter of the third generation - more than 5000 built in 1969- 1983. The interceptor versions MiG-23P and MiG-23MLD are used now mostly as a transition trainers between the L-39 primary trainer to fourth generation fighters like MiG-31 and Su-27. Many transferred to storage.

(74k, 46k) Khodynka, by Paul Nann;

Prototype designations : Ye-23IG / 23-11.
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