Technical data
Type MiG-23MLD 'Flogger'
Function fighter
Year 1977
Crew 1
Engines 1*13000kg Tumanski R-35-300
(or R-29?)
Wing Span 7.80m/14.00m
Wing Area 23.35m2/35.50m2
Length 16.70m
Height 4.35m
Wing Area 28m2
Normal Weight 14,700kg
Maximum Weight 18,400kg
Combat Payload 2,000kg
Speed 2450km/h
g-Limit 8.5
Ceiling 19000m
Range 2360km
Guns 1*g23mm 2-barrel
Missiles mid range R-23, R-24
close range R-60M

MiG-23P/MiG-23MLD, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Flogger'

Interceptor modification MiG-23 series. Accepts only Air-Air missiles and cannon, what allowed to improve aerodynamics and decrease weight. On-board computer provides optimal approach to target once tracked.

In 1984 MiG-23P was modified into MiG-23MLD with improved aerodynamics and maneuverability for close combat.

Some references :
  • Article in Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota (Air Fleet Herald) 3/4-1996, available in KOI-8 Russian encodings;

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