Technical data
Type MiG-29 'Fulcrum-A'
Function fighter
Year 1985
Crew 1
Engines 2*8300kg RD-33
Wing Span 11.36m
Length 17.32m
Height 4.73m
Empty Weight 11,000kg
Maximum Weight 15,000kg
Speed Mach 2.3 (2,450km/h at max altitude)
Ceiling 17,000m
Range 2,100km
Armament 1*g30mm
6 pylons for assorted missiles or guided weapons

MiG-29, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fulcrum'

(40k, 34k, 48k) old WEB photos from lost sources
(24k) 9-01, early pre-production MiG-29 at Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann

A medium-sized air superiority fighter. 'Fulcrum' is an impressive aircraft, with good performance, armament and maneuverability, and the ability to use rough airfields. Range is weak point, and later versions were modified to carry more fuel. A navalized version has also been flown. The Russian air force prefers the larger Su-27 and its derivatives, but the development of the advanced MiG-29M version has been funded recently.

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    Prototypes/Developments/Modifications :
  • 9-01, one of pre-production versions; later nosewheel gear was redesigned;
  • MiG-29UB, 2-sit trainer; (34k)

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  • (42k) from Paul Nann's Collection;

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