Technical data
Type MiG-9/'IKh'
Function fighter
Year 1941
Crew 1
Engines 1*1330/1600hp M-82A
Length 8.08m
Wingspan 10.2m
Wing area 17.44m
Empty weight 2720kg
Loaded weight 3382kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 200
Power load (kg/hp) 2.18
Speed at 0m 475km/h
Speed at 6150m 565km/h
Ceiling 8700m
Climb to 5000m 6.3min
Guns 3mg*12.7mm UBS

2mg*7.62mm ShKAS (on one aircraft)

MiG-9/'IKh'/I-210, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich

The first attempt to fit radial engine to the MiG-3 airframe. Straightforward approach resulted in failure - bulky engine and worser than expected match with slim fuselage, there were many 'whistles' - unsealed holes, introducing additional drag. Aircraft suffered from poor handling and tail vibrations.

Five were built in evacuation (end of 1941) and flown in 1942 (supervising engineer I.G.Lazarev, pilot V.E.Golofastov).

Predecessor MiG-3
Development I-211

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.235;

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