MiG-TA-4 non-airdrome amphibian, MiG OKB

General Information
Type MiG-TA-4
Function General STOL
Year (project launched) 1991
Crew 1
Powerplant (1+1)
Cruise Teledyne IO-550C
Power at m 300hp
Air cushion Nelson N-63CP
Power 48hp
Size (m)
Length 9.05
Height 2.77
Fuselage width 2.77
Wingspan 12.4
Wing area ?m2
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty ?
Takeoff 1700 to 1800
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 5.03 (takeoff)
5.84 (cruise)
Speed (km/h)
Max. at 0m 230
Max. at 3000m 250 to 270
Cruising 200
Economy 180
Takeoff 100
Landing 100
Run Ground/Water (m)
Takeoff 210/260
Landing 255/305
g-Limint +4-1.5
Range (km)
Practical (30min reserve) 1000 with normal load
On ground level 930 with normal load
Ferry 2000 with extra tank
Ceiling (m)
Maximum 4000
Cruise 3000
Climb (m/sec)
at 0m 4.1
Payload (kg)
Fuel 135
Cargo 300 to 500
Cabin size LxWxH ?m3
Seats 3
Temperature range -40°C to +40°C
Service life 15years
Endurance 10,000hours
60,000 takeoff cycles
Expected cost 300,000 USD

Scale model of MiG-TA-4
Scale model of MiG TA-4 from the Antoine de Saint-Exupery aeroclub site

4-seat general purpose amphibian, designed for off-airdrome operations. Aimed mostly on outdoor travelers and business/service operations, TA-4 may be easily converted into ambulance plane. Air cushion landing gear (tested many times in the USSR, see Po-2, AIR-?, An-?) allows to use any relatively flat surface for takeoff and landing:

The craft is considered among environment friendly vehicles mainly because of the minimization of the negative impact to environment.

MiG-TA-4 stand at MAKS-1993
Photo by Paolo Uilvi taken at the 1993 Paris Air Show

TA-4 is a normal high-wing monoplane with T-tail. Pusher engine is installed on the top of the fuselage, right behind the wing. High aspect ratio wing carries flaps and ailerons. For winter operation, aircraft is equipped with de-icing system.

Navigation equipment from Bendix-King allows safe operation over feature-poor terrain and visual takeoff/landing.

In 1990 a single-seat technology demonstrator "Poisk (Search)" was built. It performed more than 100 takeoffs and landings from various surfaces. In 1991 prototype was presented at SLA-91 Ultra-Light Aviation Show at Chernigov. Success of the "Poisk" inspired team to proceed towards final design, but funding was cut in the 1994 and project was frozen.

Recently AKS-Invest enterprise expressed interest in the MiG-TA-4, giving new hope to the project.

Picture used for the background, found at AKS-Invest Site
"Poisk (Search)" none
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