Technical data
Type MMN
Function bomber
Year 1939
Crew 3
Engines 2*1050hp M-105
Empty Weight 4820kg
Maximum Weight 6420kg
Length 12.78m
Wing Span 18.0m
Wing Area 48.2m2
Wing Load (kg/m2) 133
Power Load 3.1
Speed (0m) 360km/h
Speed (4200m) 458km/h
Ceiling 9000m
Range 760km
TakeOff Roll 520m
Landing Roll 665m
Landing Speed 160km/h
Guns 3*mg7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 1000kg

MMN, A.A.Arhangelsky

16k b/w photo of MMN from History of aircraft construction in the USSR, Vol.2 p.18

The MMN was an improved version of the SB, with a new wing. The fuselage nose and engine nacelles were cleaned up. Armament was decreased to 3 machineguns to save weight, but this was not appreciated by state acceptance commetee.

It remained a prototype, and continued development produced the Ar-2.

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  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.16-17

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