Technical data
Type Molniya-1
Function General
Year 1994
Crew 1
Engines 1*360hp M-11P
Length 7.86m
Height 2.30m
Wingspan (main) 8.50m
Wingspan (canard) 3.50m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight 1740kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 4.83
Cruising Speed
at 1500m
Stall Speed 115km/h
Landing Speed 130km/h
Takeoff Roll (concrete) 450m
Landing Roll (concrete) 350m
Range (max.fuel) 1000km
Range (max.payload) 500km
Ceiling 3000m
1000m ?min
Fuel 220kg
Cabin size LxWxH 2.75x1.25x1.24m3
Seats 4...5
Cargo 505kg
Price 200...285kUSD
Fixed service life 3000h
6000 landings

Molniya-1 by NPO 'Molniya'

The smallest of the 'Molniya' triplanes family. Light multi-role aircraft capable to carry 4 to 5 passengers intended for individual use, business flight, light cargo delivery and other uses. Molniya 1 has the triplane canard aerodynamic layout. Such solution provides for improved flight safety (falling into a spin is practically excluded), high stability at significant external disturbances, simplicity, ease and convenience of piloting. Canard triplane allowed to reduce dimensions by 20% in comparison with conventional designs, ensuring economy of fuel and reduction in the cost of the aircraft. All-aluminum alloy construction makes service and repair as simple as possible. Low pressure pneumatic tires allow to operate Molniya-1 from grass fields with ground strength as low as 4.5kg/cm2. It may be flown also on skis or floats.

The engine location in the fuselage rear part and the pushing propeller decrease noise and vibration in the cabin. High dynamic stability of the triplane also improves comfort.

50k photo from lost source...

In 1993 the Molniya-1 design was awarded the Gold medal of Eureka-93 World Inventors, Scientific Research and Know-How Salon in Brussels. Two years later aircraft was flown at the Aeroshow in Le Bourget.

Due to its low price the aircraft is available for wide individual use. Export price is estimated at 200.000...285.000 US dollars depending on the arrangement, while 'basic' configuration for domestic use may run as low as 40.000USD.

In 1997 only 200 of 500 scheduled test and certification flights were performed. Aircraft production process was established at the 'Aviakor' (Samara (and/or Saratov Aviation Plant????), with periodic stalls due to financial disturbances. In 1996 joint enterprise was established in Belgium to manufacture Molniya-1 from parts pre-assembled at 'Aviakor'.

Molniya-1-011 to Molniya-1-017 are similar variants with different engines and avionics.

Sale perspectives look decent with 300 ordered and expected order of 250 aircraft for Federal Border Guard (FPS).

'Buran' the Space Shuttle Molniya-2
2 engines driving one propeller
Allison 250V17 turboprop
military patrol

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