Technical data
Type Nieuport-IV
Function Reconnaissance
Year 1911
Crew 1...2
Engines 1*50hp Gnome
Length 7.5m
Wingspan 11.5m
Wing area 23.5m2
Empty weight 325kg
Loaded weight 600kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 25.6
Power load (kg/hp) 12.0
Speed at 0m 90km/h
Flight Endurance 6.0h
Ceiling 2000m
1000m 10min
Fuel+Oil 100+20kg

Nieuport-IV by
Edward Nieuport

39k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.150

Nicknamed 'Nieuport with a spoon' for noseover-preventing ski, this variant had no clear military assignment and normally carried no weapons. Nieuport-IV appeared in Russia in 1912, served as a reconnaissater until 1916 and as trainer until 20's.

Normally single-seater, it coud be equipped with second seat back-to-back with pilot. Both seats were comfortable located... on top of the fuel tank. Aircraft had original spring-suspended landing gear. Controls were also unconventional. Wing wrapping was performed via pedals, stick was used to control tail surfaces. In 1911 this scheme was very popular and for some time was considered to became a standard (due to popularity of Nieuport aircraft). But it faded later with introduction of ailerons as a standard instead of the wing wrapping.

First Nieuport-IV arrived to Russia in 1912 with 50hp Gnome engines. Several modifications were introduced by Russian pilots and inventors. About 300 were built by domestic manufacturers.


Nieuport by Dybovskij

Nieuport by Nesterov
Nieuport-IV Dux (experimental)
Nieuport-IV Dux (series)

Nieuport-IV Enlarged
Nieuport by Slesarev
Nieuport by Slusarenko

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  • Early aircraft at The Swedish AF Museum
  • Nieuport monoplanes
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