General Information
Type NV-5 NV-5bis
Function Primary Trainer
Year 1937 1938
Crew 2 2
Type MG-40 by M.A.Kossov MG-11
Power 140hp 165hp
Length 7.7m
Wingspan 9.82m
Wing area 25.0m2
Weights and loads
Empty 612kg ?kg
Loaded 850kg ?kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 34 ?
Power load (kg/hp) 6.1 ?
at 0m 202km/h 220km/h
at m km/h km/h
Landing 60km/h
Landing 110m ?m
Takeoff 120m ?m
Practical ?km
Flight Endurance 5.5h 4h
Ceiling 6000m ?m
1000m 3min 3min
3000m 12min 11min
Fuel+Oil 75+12kg

NV-5 and NV-5bis trainers by V.V.Nikitin

NV-5 from Shavrov
45k b/w "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.97

First aircraft of a small family of primary trainers and specialized aircraft. The NV-5 was built for participation in Contest for Safe Aircraft, declared by Osoaviakhim in 1934. NV-5 project won the first prize, but first aircraft was built only in 1937.

NV-5 layout was very similar to N.N.Polikarpov's U-2, but was substantially smaller. Wing struts were I-shaped instead of N-shaped, engine cradle was mounted on rubber mounts. Landing gear had 500mm pneumatics, but standard U-2 wheels could be installed as well. Ailerons also were similar to those of U-2.

NV-5 was powered by experimental MG-40 engine. Propeller designed by Kuznetsov for light aircraft was very successful. Aircraft easily passed all trials. It was flown by 15 pilots, who performed some 250 flights on wheels and skis. Flying characteristics, reliable and simple construction fulfilled tightest demands of the Contest for Safe Aircraft, and NV-5 could be recomended for production... with different engine only, because the MG-40 remained experimental.

V.V.Nikitin quickly redesigned NV-5 for series MG-11F engine. Tailwheel was installed instead of a skid, more efficient slatted ailerons were introduced. NV-5bis was flown in 1938, fulfilling shortened trials program.

It was almost immediately... disassembled. Not scrapped, but send to blueprint shop, where drawings for series aircraft were produced (looks like V.V.Nikitin team built the NV-5 using just a basic sketches and introduced number of changes).

Orders for NV-5 came from both Osoaviakhim and (a bit later) from UVVS.



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