Technical data
Type Omega-II
Function experimental
Year 1944
Crew 1
Engines 2*330hp MG-31F
Rotor diameter 2*7.0m
Length 8.2m?
Width (with rotors)14.2m?
Empty weight 1880kg
Loaded weight 2300kg
Rotor (disk) load 29.9
Power load (kg/hp) 3.5
Maximum Speed 150km/h
Static Ceiling -
Dynamic Ceiling 3000m
Range -
Seats 1

Omega / 2MG, OKB-3 MAI, I.P.Bratukhin

Re-engined Omega/2MG. Gearboxes, clutches, cooling system etc were redesigned. Flight tests took place in September 1944 - fall 1945. Important progress was made in optimization of gearbox ratio. It resulted in increase of the rotor lift force by 300kg and substantial increase of ceiling.

Since fall 1945, Omega-II was used for training purposes, once demonstrated on Tushino airshow. Soon it was retired due to worn engines.

Predecessor: Omega 2MG
Modifications: G-3

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