Technical data
Type Pe-2FT
Function Bomber
Year 1942 1943
Crew 3
Powerplant (2)
Type M-105 VK-105PF
Takeoff Power (hp) - 1210
Cruise Power (hp) 1100 1180
Size (m)
Length 12.6
Wingspan 17.6
Wing area 40.5m2
Speed (km/h)
Maximum 540 580
Landing 240
Guns (nose) 1*7.62mm ShKAS
1*12.3mm UBT
Guns (defensive) e 2*7.62mm ShKAS (sides)
2*12.3mm UB (dorsal and ventral)
Bombs 6*100kg FAB-100 internal
4*250kg FAB-250 external

Pe-2FT by V.M.Petlyakov, A.I.Putilov

34k b/w series Pe-2 from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.158

In 1942 upgraded Pe-2 entered production. It was designated Pe-2FT (for Frontovoe Trebovanie, Front Demand). Stronger armoring, modified navigator's turret, extra defensive side ShKAS were introduced for better protection from Me-109G. Grid airbrakes removed.

Performance was similar to previous series aircraft, until in late 1943 new VK-105PF was installed (1210hp on takeoff, 1180hp at 2700m), adding 40km/h of speed.


Pe-2 1941

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